• Terre Céleste - Jacques Perconte - Exhibition from 04/06/2023 to 06/17/2023 @ Galerie Charlot

    Terre Céleste - Jacques Perconte

    «It is in search of a treasure that my gaze wanders along the lines, spinning along the walls, sliding on the ridges, on the summits, crossing the woods hanging from the cliffs, sliding on the peaks studded with rocks collapsed. My eyes and my camera make a fortune out trifles that accumulate in my heart. Slowly, without thinking, without desiring, they forget and discover a wonderful adventure in life. The harmony of a celestial land, vibrant and alive, where the waters of the oceans shine noiselessly with millions of blues, where the forests are free of their colors, where the mountains are coated in white, where the opalescent glaciers descend into the valleys and where the plumes of birds have the sky on their side, nourishes the dream of a world that we are exhausting. If my images sing however, it is because the romanticism of our prospects of bankruptcy enchants the vertigo of our steps. But it is not this imbalance that I want to point out. If the mountains rise so high in our memories, it is because since the dawn of our times they have been a luminous world, the world of a magical world above, a little closer to the stars, which points towards the infinity of the universe. These images lead us to see fully from the depths of the heart, in the freedom of an unconditional gaze where each blink of the eye seems to reveal to us the essence of our existence, the source of all life. Text by Jacques Perconte

  • La Forme de l'eau - Exhibition from 06/22/2023 to 07/28/2023 @ Galerie Charlot

    La Forme de l'eau

    How do we preserve our memories? Memory tends to dissipate the form. Our Cartesian thoughts drift and we tend to rationalise our memories and ask ourselves the following: where, how, when... Computational and straightforward data that in most cases reduces the experience of what has been experienced to a list of items. The artworks from the exhibition «La forme de l’eau» convert tangible memories into its most poetic elements, freezing an instant and making it infinite. An installation made with physics and fluids capturing the fall of water and emulate its shape in 3D printing. Water no longer falls but rises as in the language of dreams in opposition to Newtonian laws. The latter is transformed into algorithms in real time, which follow one another choreographically in parallel with Marie-France’s voice which narrates the story of her discovery. (Bleu-Neige)—another artwork— deconstructs a dynamic landscape in all of its poetic elements, sound, colors and rhythms. Thus time stretches out. This piece joins together Einstein theories as well as the work of other artists exploring this « metaphysical drift ». Making fun on the speed of our consumption and our eagerness for novelty in contemporary society, Veyrat and de los Ríos invite us to reflect from the contemplation and poetics of the moment, the science of memory.

  • Devices  - Exhibition from 05/04/2023 to 09/30/2023 @ Galerie Charlot


    Machines have always fascinated us and inspired many artists. Zaven Paré has been exploring the boundaries between technology and art throughout his long and successful career. In his works, he uses a wide array of media, drawing, collage and sculpture, as well as video and performance. In all his artistic creations, we can directly identify his signature, reflecting both the mechanical side of his artwork and whimsical human touch that technology may sometimes have, at least in our perception. The results are vulnerable and fragile artefacts that run against the tide of digital arts and poetically flirt with the idea of failure. The idea of device is clearly the common theme of this exhibition, and we will discover many different facets of them, sometimes more directly, sometimes less. While we see them right in front of us in drawings and objects that reveal their nature at second sight. Shown here for the first time in Tel Aviv, Zaven’s works are already gone by, leaving us with a strange impression of both déjà-vu and things-to-come, oscillating somewhere between a recent past and an already familiar future



Jacques Perconte. Marée Métal




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Blanc Mont Blanc by Jacques Perconte


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The artwork as a living system


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Paris Photo 2022. JP Morgan & BMW selection


BEN Award for Christa Sommerer & Laurent Mignonneau


Anne-Sarah Le Meur participates in the group exhibition FLUXXY


Christa Sommerer & Laurent Mignonneau. The artwork as a living system @OÖ Landes-Kultur, Linz


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Christa Sommerer & Laurent Mignonneau @ ZKM Karlsruhe


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'Lumière, Espace, Temps' @ Le Grenier à sel, Avignon has been prolonged until January 29!


Eduardo Kac @ Galerie Plateforme


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Manfred Mohr & Antoine Schmitt @ Le Masc


Anne-Sarah Le Meur & Antoine Schmitt @ Fondation EDIS Avignon


Quayola @ Fondazione Terzo Pilastro, Roma


Sabrina Ratté @ Galerie Suzanne Tarasiève, curated by Clément Thibault, commissioned in partnership with Lucien Murat


Anne-Sarah Le Meur, Antoine Schmitt, Sabrina Ratté & Manfred Mohr @ Le Miroir de Poitiers


Valérie Hasson-Benillouche invited to be part of the jury for the Digital Art Specialisation project at ECV Digital


Zaven Paré @ SPACES Gallery; Schloss Untergröningen, Germany


Valérie Hasson-Benillouche invited to a round table discussion at Recto VRso, during Laval Digital


Sabrina Ratté and Nicolas Sassoon & Rick Silva @ Hors Pistes at Centre Pompidou


Eric Vernhes @ Centre Wallonie Bruxelles


Eduardo Kac - Lecture @ MoMA


Anne-Sarah Le Meur @ ZKM, Karlsruhe


Laurent Mignonneau & Christa Sommerer @ ZKM, Karlsruhe


Manfred Mohr @ ZKM, Karlsruhe


Galerie Charlot Paris will be closed from the evening of December 21 to January 7, 2019 inclusive