From 06/06/2023 to 06/18/2023

Expo off @ Paris


36 degrees and the Galerie Charlot imagine a new exhibition experience inspired by mystical themes, spiritualism and diverse realities. In a unique space in front of the Grand Palais, we will provoke an encounter with the public, technology, science and spirituality through numerous works and workshops. Psych.e offers a contrasting environment, housed in two former Haussmannian apartments where the very cause of our contemporary disconnection - technology - serves as a portal to a world of new discovery and spiritual awakening. Creating a new space for self-discovery and the exploration of enlightened practices, Psych.e is a flexible space that brings workshops and performances to life, breaking the norms of white-cube scenography, programming and behavior. Psych.e imagines an alternative that shakes up the codes of our relationship to art, offering artistic and human experiences to live. Join the Telegram group to receive a preview of the show...

1st opening of the Psych.e exhibition June 7, 6-10pm 2nd opening of the Psych.e exhibition on June 13 from 6pm to 10pm Address: 7 Avenue Franklin Delano Roosevelt - Paris Metro: Franklin D. Roosevelt OR Champs-Élysées - Clemenceau


by Stephan Breuer

Stephan Breuer pursues his explorations of iconic Frames. For this first edition of the ETERNAL FRÅMES collection, Breuer decided to explore the mast...
Generative art - NFT Video

Bouillon de culture

by Olivier Bodini

«Bouillon de culture» is a work that encourages to reflect on the nature of life and evolution and the impact of the Anthropocene on the living worl...

Signals 4

by Nicolas Sassoon

Collaboration with Rick Silva - Unique
Video NFT

Spontaneous human combustion

by Tabitha Swanson

«Spontaneous human combustion (SHC) is true pseudoscientific concept of the combustion of a living (or recently deceased) human body without an appar...
Digital image on screen - NFT

Venus Wave

by Léo Caillard

Marquina black marble

Manipulation 6

by Baron Lanteigne

Also intended for vertical displays. Original sound by Eduardo Noia Schreus.

Manipulation 6 was part of an episode of Off The Air entitled "Touch",...
NFT Video
3840x2160 60fps seamless loop

Radiance V

by Sabrina Ratté

Inkjet print on paper, on aluminium
56 x 100 cm