From 09/06/2023 to 10/28/2023

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Opinions differ when it comes to determining the founding event of digital art. However, they all share the same point of view: digital art is an evolution of the fine arts; it doesn’t stand apart! The idea behind this exhibition is to enable everyone to gain a better understanding of the world and the diversity of digital art. The term digital, «digit» referring to the finger or numbers depending on the language, defines this notion of counting, of algorithmic writing, but also of the immaterial dimension of the object. And yet, through this process of numbers or the use of digital networks, artists create a material, light in the form of a video, a photograph, a sculpture or a drawing. Some creators take Georges Seurat, Claude Monet or the Dadaism movement as their models; they talk about the importance of pointillism, the refraction of light or the hybridization of machines and humans. Others speak of kinetic art as genesis. These reflections question our relationship with new technologies, their insertion into our daily lives and the evolution of art in recent years. Thus, the exhibition «digit-All» brings together a dozen artists highlighting the diversity of digital art, an integral part of contemporary art whatever the tools used. It’s not here to please or displease, just to awaken our senses and nourish our minds. The artists in this exhibition offer a polyphony of voices transcending the limits of art and opening our minds to the future

Danser sa vie

by Antoine Schmitt

The piece “Danser sa vie” draws its name and substance from the exhibition with the same name that was deployed in Centre Pompidou in spring 2012,...
Generative work
3 copies + 1 AC

Pompidou en été

by Louis-Paul Caron

Developed in a period of climate change, “Pom- pidou en été” is a digital artwork staging women and men crushed by the heat on a planet that has...
1’30 min


by Nikolas Chasser Skilbeck

The digital image comes to life imperceptibly. Against a backdrop of pyramids and under a sky full of red and green clouds, tiny characters, carts and...
Impression sur papier FineArt / Print in FineArt
75 x 131 cm

Free Alba! (New York Times) From GFP

by Eduardo Kac

Bunny series

Tirage contrecollé sur aluminium avec plexiglas
91,4 x 118 cm


by Manfred Mohr

Plotter drawing on paper
Unique piece
12 x 12 cm


by Raphaël Guez

«Tsyir, as my latest pieces, is a virtual ball of snow, a space where real objects from the urban furniture coha- bit in harmony with a fantasised ar...
photogrammetry, 3D
41 x 43 x 6 cm

Anaglyph TV Show 1.0

by Zaven Paré



by Sabrina Ratté

Objets-monde explores the impact of human activity on the environment and how it becomes an integral part of our ecosystem. Through the technique of p...
Print + video
Edition 1 of 5, 1AP
177 x 118cm

Manipulation 6

by Baron Lanteigne

Also intended for vertical displays. Original sound by Eduardo Noia Schreus.

Manipulation 6 was part of an episode of Off The Air entitled "Touch",...
NFT Video
3840x2160 60fps seamless loop

Compost XI

by Lauren Moffatt

The Compost Series explores forms of deceleration and regeneration, using video game technologies fused with conventional painting techniques.
The cr...
Video, 4K
Edition of 5

Olivier Ratsi
Perspicere, Carré 1.1

Unique piece
20 x 20 x 20 cm

Soft Creatures

by Bora Murmure

vidéo 5:27’

Composition color 18E

by Santiago Torres

Production Metahaus
Ecran tactile / Pc / Algorithme interactive
130 x 77 x 6 cm

Remains #C_003-102

by Quayola

Print on Baryta paper, mounted on aluminium, wooden frame
120 x 80 cm

Iconographies #27 :
Judith & Holofernes after Artemisia Gentileschi

by Quayola

Engraving on Anodized Aluminium, Wood frame
Unique piece
58 x 42 cm