Santiago Torres

Born in 1986 in Paris to Colombian and Venezuelan parents, Santiago Torres is a multidisciplinary artist-programmer. His work is constantly evolving in a cybernetic and multidimensional realm. Through "tactile" sensors, visitors interact with his artwork using gestures, modifying shapes and colors, transforming them with their bodily movements, and ultimately creating their own creations.

Santiago Torres began his artistic journey alongside Julio le Parc and later found himself in the workshop of Nicolas Schoffer, who became one of his mentors. His work has been showcased in major art fairs across Europe, such as Art Basel, Arco Madrid, FIAC Paris, Art Brussels, Art Paris, and Art Istanbul. Additionally, he has exhibited in various countries, including France, England, Belgium, Turkey, Spain, the United States, Germany, Tunisia, Switzerland, Colombia, Mexico, and Venezuela.

Today, Santiago Torres is represented by Galerie Charlot.




by Santiago Torres

The multiverse "Multidots" are parallel universes that coexist with ours, each with its own physical laws and its own realities. It is an incredibly
Generative art

Composition color 18E

by Santiago Torres

Production Metahaus
Ecran tactile / Pc / Algorithme interactive
130 x 77 x 6 cm