Aliendope is a French digital artist who was born in 1993, and currently based in Montreal. Trained at the Bellecour school in Lyon, he worked as a 3D artist at Cirque du Soleil before joining the Canadian agency Cossette as a motion designer. His creative passion quickly set the tone for his art, allowing him to develop a characteristic style. One way that he does this is by mixing elements of rave culture, such as chains, sunglasses, and metals. With a cyberpunk influence and avant- garde process, Aliendope creates digital works that function as automated, robotic displays exhibiting portraits, which are then deconstructed by a series of movements reminiscent of the industrial process. Aliendope aims to represent a humanity corrupted by techno- logy, searching for identity and integrity. He mainly does this by subjecting his portraits to dualities of form and texture, which help to emphasize not only the contradictions and temptations, but the anxieties and addictions, the sufferings and angers, that run rampant in our current day and age. Themes of the absurd and revolt dominate his artistic research, but he will make time for works of a completely different register, wherein a more refined digital environment would serve as the ideal shelter. The level of skill and radicalism that he has seen at Aliendope has helped him to hone an intense interest in the entertainment industry.

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by Aliendope

«A lost paradise in the frontier between conscience and ego ».
NFT Video


by Aliendope

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