festival accès)s( #23 : From Solstagia


From October 4 to November 25, 2023, you can discover the works of Sabrina Ratté and Lauren Moffatt at the Festival d'accè)s( culture(s) électronique)s(. Sabrina Ratté: Floralia (Video installation on transparent screen, 2021) is an immersive work that viewers can walk through. Inspired by the science fiction writings and essays of Donna Haraway, it plunges us into a speculative future, where samples of then-extinct plant species are preserved and displayed in a virtual archive. Through editing and visual strategies, this archive room is transformed by interferences caused by the memory of the plants listed, revealing traces of a past that continues to haunt the premises. Floralia* is a simulation of ecosystems born of the fusion of technology and organic matter, where past and future cohabit in a perpetual tension of the present. Lauren Moffatt: In D'hybrides et de ficelles (Réalité virtuelle et photographies, 2020), a virtual reality environment with an internal point of view, we find ourselves in a forest home to plants and strange creatures. Soon, strings are moving around us, connecting organisms to each other and to us. Slowly, a wave of strange geometries emerges between the tangles of links, transforming the landscape. The D'hybrides et de ficelles game world is based on data collected over three days in the French Vosges mountains in March 2021. 4 probes were placed in the forest to measure light, humidity, sound and temperature. These data are interpreted by D'hybrides et de ficelles, which transposes the time of the virtual reality launch with the time at which the data was recorded in the forest to define the events we will encounter during the experience. This influences the slowing of walking, the appearance of ropes, the intensity of fog and the crystallization of the environment. The visit is therefore influenced by 4 factors, making each visit unique.