Solo show of Baron Lanteigne at Enghien-les-Bains


Quebec artist Baron Lanteigne places the process of container-content opposition at the heart of his digital research. He is interested first in a technology's potential for hijacking, then in the constraints or weaknesses that serve as its reference point. As part of his exhibition "La matérialité du virtuel" at the CDA, the artist will focus on the relationship of scale between works and visitors: he will present a constantly evolving project entitled "Cinématographie de la Matière Virtuelle", an installation of 16 screens suspended in space that will dominate visitors, while the device powering this generative work will be placed on giant cushions. This connected system will control the atmosphere on the first floor, where it will be installed. Small-format structural works will be presented on the 1st floor of the CDA: "Ménagerie d'Ecrans", dealing with our relationship with technology and its ergonomics, and a selection from the "Manipulations" series, presented on vertical screens on the wall. In contrast to the first floor, these installations invite visitors to come closer to the works, to dominate them.