THE GRID. TRAME · GRILLE · MATRICE with works by Manfred Mohr


The exhibition The Grid explores the theme of the grid, an emblematic structure in 20th-century art that has never ceased to stimulate artists' inventiveness. Since the Renaissance, the grid has played a fundamental role in Western art as a model for the organization of space. But it was not until the 20th century that the grid became an aesthetic form in its own right. From the 1960s onwards, its use diversified: textile weave, graphic grid, computer matrix, documentary device... The grid now appears as a complex, ambiguous structure that evokes the rational order of science while opening up unsuspected spaces for imagination, intuition and creativity. Taking as its starting point the collection of Guillaume Wunsch and Monique Van Kerckhove, a donation acquired by the museum in 2021, The Grid focuses on the art of the 1960s-1980s, and opens onto a wide selection of artists including Sol LeWitt, François Morellet, Carl Andre, Vera Molnár, Manfred Mohr, Esther Ferrer and Christian Boltanski. A plunge into an era teeming with innovative ideas and diverse artistic experimentation!