Jacques Perconte. Marée Métal


His work is exhibited in theatres, galleries, art centers and on stage in numerous collaborations. Taking different forms - film, performance, print, installation - his works are the result of an ongoing research that challenges and pushes the capabilities of the moving image. Altering pixels like a painter mixes pigments, the artist sees himself as an alchemist capturing the journey of light through matter. In the manner of the impressionist painters - diffracting the color in brushstrokes to suggest a changing landscape - he dilates and alters endlessly his images to offer a new vision of the world. Initially interested in nature as a raw material for visual experimentation, this immersion at the heart of the elements has gradually led to the emergence of an ecological awareness now deployed in an approach that is as much aesthetic, sensitive and political. Through an installation of several projections, the public goes through landscapes revealing large video windows open on a living and vibrant world that speaks to the body as much as to the mind. This exhibition marks a turning point in the work of Jacques Perconte. For the first time, his singular visual writing is linked to a documentary work where words are on pair with the ecological emergency.