Blanc Mont Blanc by Jacques Perconte


"Blanc Mont Blanc" is a work by Jacques Perconte where he "paints"—using pixels—a representation of the highest peak in Western Europe. The permanent collection of the Musée-Château evolves and highlights the movement in connection with its Scientific and Cultural Project. Video artist, digital painter, trained in the plastic arts, drawing and painting, Jacques Perconte is a landscape lover. For this video, he explores the Mont Blanc, a symbol of the French Alps. The verticality, the frontality of the material, the hardness of the stone and the softness of the nuances are revealed in "Blanc Mont Blanc" video. The pattern is jostled, corroded. A double movement is taking place: great ascents, discovery of the sublime, tectonic movements, responding to the collapse of glaciers, stones, to a weakened nature. Image accidents, dissolute pixels saturate readability and jostle the retina. Blanc Mont Blanc appears before the viewer as its snow melts and its contrasts blur. More than a video, it is up to the viewer to live the experience of a real painting in motion.