"NFT – One Of A Kind” @Tel Aviv Museum of art


05/07/2022 - 31/12/2022 The Lagoglyphs are a series of works in which I have been developing a form of lepormorphic or rabbitographic writing since 2006. As a visual language that alludes to meaning but resists interpretation, the Lagoglyphs series is the counterpoint to the barrage of discourse generated by, with and around my GFP Bunny (my green rabbit). GFP Bunny (my green light transgenic rabbit, called Alba, created in 2000). The pictograms that make up the Lagoglyphs are visual symbols representing Alba. The Lagoglyphs function through a repertoire of gestures, textures, shapes, juxtapositions, superimpositions, opacities, transparencies, and ligatures. These merge into an idioglossic and polyvalent script structured by units of visual composition that multiply meanings


Lagoglyph Cryptoanimation

Video in loop
Ed 1/3
Variable dimensions