Christa Sommerer & Laurent Mignonneau @ Kunsthalle Praha


22/02/2022 - 20/06/2022 Electricity and the various technologies based on it have been transforming artistic practice for more than a hundred years now. The former function of Kunsthalle Praha's building, Zenger Electrical Substation, inspired the theme of our inaugural exhibition. The scope of Kinetismus: 100 Years of Electricity in Art spans the early artistic use of motorised movement and artificial light through to advanced computational models, information technology, and digital art. Exploring how electricity has transformed artistic practice from the start of the 20th century to the present day, four key areas are presented: cinematography, kinetic art, cybernetic art, and computer art. The exhibition will feature over ninety works of art by several generations of artists from all over the world, including independent figures and members of emblematic groups such as Bauhaus, GRAV, Dvizhenie, ZERO, and teamLab. The show will include the work of pioneers such as Mary Ellen Bute, Zden?k Pešánek, László Moholy-Nagy and Marcel Duchamp; established names such as Julio Le Parc, Yaacov Agam, Woody and Steina Vašulka, François Morellet, Adéla Matasová, William Kentridge; and representatives from younger generations such as Refik Anadol, Žilvinas Kempinas, Shilpa Gupta, Olafur Eliasson, Michael Bielický & Kamila B. Richter. Kunsthalle Prague KINETISMUS: 100 Years of Electricity in Art 22. February 2022 featuring the work Portrait on the Fly ©2015 by Laurent Mignonneau and Christa Sommerer curated by: Christelle Havranek


Portrait on the Fly

101 cm flat screen, computer, camera