Eduardo Kac @ Galerie Plateforme


This exhibition is centred on a visionary artwork conceived by Eduardo Kac and realised in space in collaboration with the French astronaut Thomas Pesquet. Made of materials available in the International Space Station, the «Inner Telescope»—which gives the exhibition its title—is an instrument of observation and poetic reflection, which leads us to rethink our relationship to the world and our position in the Universe. Solo show featuring the work of Eduardo Kac. 24 - 28 Nov. 2021 Book Signing - Gérard Azoulay - 24 Nov. from 3-7pm



Inner Telescope

by Eduardo Kac

5 copies
12 minutes

Space Poetry embroideries (from the Inner Telescope series)

by Eduardo Kac

Thread on linen, frame
22,8 x 33 cm