Manfred Mohr @ Prague City Gallery


Manfred Mohr's work is featured in "Sounds / Codes / Images – Audio Experimentation in the Visual Arts" at Prague City Gallery. Exhibition from June 4 to October 13, 2019. "The exhibition offers a historical overview of art that depicts sound as an abstract phenomenon, from the beginnings of abstraction to the present day. Its main focus is to trace the most important trends in audio experimentation in the field of the visual arts, in the form of paintings or graphic scores as well as audio installations, acoustic objects, film, and multimedia projections. Through our selection of historical materials, we aim to show how sound acquires color and shape, how it becomes an object or architecture, and what psychological as well as physical and mathematical factors determine its visual form. The exhibition also presents works by artists who have, on either the local or international level, shifted the way we think about artistic experimentation. Leading artists whose works will be shown at the exhibit include František Kupka, members of the Bauhaus, John Cage and members of Fluxus, various creators of graphic scores, Woody and Steina Vasulka, as well as other authors of audio objects and installations and artists working with acoustic ecology. Curator: Jitka Hlavá?ková."