Laurent Mignonneau & Christa Sommerer @ Art Rock Festival, Saint-Brieuc


The interactive installation People on the Fly by Laurent Mignonneau and Christa Sommerer is on display at the Musée de Saint-Brieuc from June 4 to 16 as part of the Art Rock festival (June 7/8/9). With Animal[s], the Art Rock festival invites the public to its menagerie. In the heart of the Saint-Brieuc Museum, a fauna of ferocious artists and curious visitors form a new ecosystem: zoomorphic creations and the place of bestiality in the creative process. As a celebration of all creatures in their plurality, Animal[s] mixes futuristic species with endangered ones, flying animals with crawlers, clouds of disorganized bugs with rhythmic colonies. Here, no cage, tamer or entrance ticket, the Art Rock menagerie is open to everyone, with respect for everyone.


People on the fly

by Laurent Mignonneau & Christa Sommerer

by Laurent Mignonneau & Christa Sommerer
Interactive installation
In situ
Variable dimensions