Zaven Paré at ENS-Ulm


Seminar "Humain/Non-humain" with Ada Ackerman, ENS-Ulm, Jan 26, 2018 The seminar will focus on the issue of the distinction between the human and the non-human and the moments when this distinction is blurred. We will study - through examples from the history of contemporary art, the history and theory of photography, cinema and the media - works that showcased in an emblematic way the intertwining of closer between human and non-human agentivities. The notions of non-human vision and sensitivity, anthropocentrism and animism, post-humanism and trans-humanism, as well as what some authors consider a Nonhuman Turn (Richard Grusin, 2015), will be discussed. which would be happening in the human sciences. As in previous years, this cycle will consist of screenings and meetings with artists as well as with various specialists. The sessions will take place at the ENS Ulm and at the BAL, on a monthly basis from the end of January 2018. The cycle may be subject to validation. Moreover, in the framework of the partnership between the ENS and the BAL, the students of the ENS who would like it could be involved in the preparation, both scientific and material, of the cycle during the first semester 2017-2018. This will provide students with an opportunity to organize a scientific event in close consultation with a place dedicated to the contemporary image.