Santiago Torres

Born in Paris 1986, Colombian and Venezuelan family lives and works in Paris, Santiago Torres is a multidisciplinary artsite-program- mer.his in-depth analysis of Programming and Interaction since 2007, influenced by video games and the quantum universe and his personal relationship with the pioneers of kinetic and cybernetic art (Julio Le Parc and the Atelier Schöer), Torres creates immersive interactive spaces. Santiago Torres’ work is part of a perpetual cybernetic evolution, now multidimensional. He develops paintings that are not only tactile and three-dimensional, but where he manages to integrate the 4th dimension, that of movement-interactive, into his works. By means of «tactile» sensors, the visitor interacts with the work by means of gestures, modifying the forms and colors, transforming them in the course of his body movements, in order to develop his own creation.


by Santiago Torres

The multiverse "Multidots" are parallel universes that coexist with ours, each with its own physical laws and its own realities. It is an incredibly
Generative art