Tom Galle

Tom Galle is a concept driven Artist working in the realm of surreal, internet culture-inspired scenes. His fast-paced conceptual art keeps up with the speed of the Internet - and often sets it. The result is viral content embraced by meme cycles, often becoming the catalyst for discussions on subjects of digital zeitgeist. Tom’s visual language is best known for its simplicity, absurdism and sarcasm. Recurring themes include aspects of meme-culture, digital intimacy, Internet dependency, contemporary/corporate branding, and more. Tom was born in Belgium. He currently works and lives in New York City.




  • + Data Dating
    48 color pages booklet, ISBN 978-2-9541000-6-7
    - Galerie Charlot Èdition


Tinder VR

by John Yuyi, Moises Sanabria, Tom Galle

Video and acrylic print
30 x 40 cm

Face Messenger

by John Yuyi, Tom Galle

Acrylic Print
60 x 90 cm

VR hug

by Moises Sanabria, Tom Galle

Acrylic Print
80 x 120 cm