Camille Sauer

Camille Sauer is a committed artist and composer, a 2018 graduate of the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-arts in Paris. Her work can be discovered, thought about and understood in red and black. It’s a committed body of work that revives the notion of the artist taking a stand in society: to understand it, give it food for thought and, above all, change it. She has produced compositions for Creation on Air and France Culture. In 2021, she collaborated with IRCAM and has exhibited her work in a wide range of creative venues (Mac Val, Musée d’art moderne de Lille Métropole, Station F, Château éphémère, Biennale Nemo, ENS Paris-Saclay, CENTQUATRE Paris, Salon de Montrouge, etc.). «There is something of the false binarity in Camille Sauer’s work. Red and black. Life and death. The round and the square. Madness and formalism. Cluster and Cloister[1]. The self and its double. The artist and his audience. But illusory. Always broken by a vibratory tension. Interference between these states, from which the creative act is born, and then the work.»

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by Camille Sauer

Sound installation

L'Industrie artistique

by Camille Sauer

L’Industrie artistique, an audiovisual opera, questions the role of the artist in society through cinema and visual and sound performance. In an alt...
Unique Piece