Katherine Melançon

Born in 1977 in Montreal. Lives and works in Montréal. My practice is interested in the intersection of the natural and the technological. More recently, I have been exploring non-human beings’ agency; what could become of the world, of art, if it was created with non-human people? Often using the starting point of scanography of natural specimens, I plant these new seeds in various materials, exploring images’ fluidity through cycles of metamorphosis between physical and digital soils.

Katherine holds an MFA from Central Saint-Martins in London, UK, and a BA in digital media from UQAM, Montreal, Canada. Her work has been exhibited in Canada, in the USA and in Europe. In 2022, she was named on the Sobey Art Award long list.

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Towards a parliament of the living III – Ferns

by Katherine Melançon


Nature morte - Epiphyllum

by Katherine Melançon

The Jacquard loom (circa 1800-1815) was one of the major inventions that led to digital technologies, incorporating punched cards to automate the loom...