Roberto Pugliese

Roberto Pugliese’s research draws its energy mainly from two tendencies in art, sound art and that of the kinetic and programmed art .Using mechanical equipments driven by software that interact with the surrounding environment and the user, he intends to examine new points of research to the phenomena attached to sound, analysis of the processes that use the human psyche structures to differentiate natural from artificial ones (both acoustic and visual), on the relationship between man and technology and the relationship between art and technology, giving a role no less important to the visual aspect. The sound then becomes both the object of research, of acoustic and visual means of expression, vital energy that animates the inanimate, to guide the investigation and stimulate the psyche and the human perception. The idea of ??creating an active relationship between work and user drives me to create dimensions in which the sound is moving, creating different perspectives sound for the listener. The art comes from a two-dimensional reality to create real sound and or visual settings. In this way the user is totally immersed in the perceptual worlds that accompany him in a sensorial experience.





Possibile riflessione

by Roberto Pugliese

Sculpture (speaker, cables, metals, audio system, audio composition)
70 x 70 x 30 cm

Possibile Riflessione

by Roberto Pugliese