Stephan Breuer

Stephan Breuer’s pioneering approach to art and digital tech- nology transcends the traditional understanding of sculpture and installation. His work taking place within landmark architectures and ins- titutions expands the notions of Time and Space. Breuer has created projects in relations with some of the most important monuments such as the Louvre, the Imperial Palace of Com- piegne, the Palais Royal and the National Museum in Rome. By abolishing the barriers between the physical and the virtual, he pushes the extreme of precision, rigor and radicalism both in the monumental and in the infinitesimal while striving to elevate the collective experiences towards a new vision of the Sublime. Seamlessly unifying the Past, Present and Future, he goes beyond the contemporary narrative to project the viewer into a state of Atemporality.

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by Stephan Breuer

Stephan Breuer pursues his explorations of iconic Frames. For this first edition of the ETERNAL FRÅMES collection, Breuer decided to explore the mast...
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