L’effort, le monde. Jacques Perconte, Le Genérateur, Gentilly


For this new work created for Le Générateur, Jacques Perconte sensually captures the high mountains, the camera listening to a few mountaineers suspended in their efforts between skies and stones, their hearts vibrating to the rhythm of their gestures, balance between two dimensions: there and here. L'Effort, le monde transforms the 400m2 of the Generator into an immense porthole, like the cockpit of a strange ship discovering a land that we can no longer see without thinking of the infernal machine that makes us powerful. The film has neither beginning nor end, in a continuous movement it accompanies its visitors outside of time. Thus propelled into another dimension, the space of the Generator allows a journey to be made sitting or standing, or leisurely while strolling. Exhibition from Saturday, May 4th to Saturday, July 13th, 2024 - Le Générateur, Gentilly