Hangzhou Center, China : "Effets de soir" by Quayola


Quayola’s "Effets de soir" (Evening Effects) is now installed at Hangzhou Center, a prominent commercial complex in the heart of Hangzhou, in China, thanks to the support of UCCA Center for Contemporary Art. The artwork is a series of videos depicting nocturnal floral formations in the gardens of Château de Chaumont-sur-Loire. Effets de Soir are the luminous, chromatic effects perceptible at dawn or dusk, when light and shadow, warm and cold colours merge into each other. From Monet to van Gogh, a good many painters have attempted to transpose this impression onto canvas, developing a specific painting technique in the process. The faceted colors of the botanical compositions serve as a dataset to generate new computational paintings that explore a hybrid substance between the pictorial and the algorithmic.