Concrete Progression an exhibition at Kunstmuseum Reutlingen with works by Manfred Mohr


Long before automated AI systems mimicked human behavior, decisions or creativity, some visual artists were already using computer technology, algorithms and mathematical systems in their work. They tried to free their art from subjective, emotional or political influences and dispel the myth of artistic "genius". The resulting works are surprisingly unpredictable and full of individuality and beauty: the design principles behind them are always understandable, but they don't seem factual or sober, but often downright joyful. With concrete advances, the Art Museum Reutlingen | concretely and presents four world-famous protagonists of this art-historical development: François Morellet (1926-2016), the most famous French exponent of concrete art, Vera Molnar (*1924) and Manfred Mohr (*1938), both pioneers of the computer. generated art, as well as radical constructivist Hartmut Böhm (1938-2021).