We are pleased to announce our forthcoming online ON/OFF sale at our marketplace charlotnft, taking place from January 28 to February 2, 2023. We are "pushing the envelope" by inviting artists such as Stephan Breuer, Pierre Pause, and more to join the gallery’s roster in a festive event that will mark the beginning of 2023. Mikhail Margolis will create a bespoke NFT that will be presented at the gallery in Paris and in our marketplace. DETAILS: Win an NFT from Kika Nicolela and Thomas Israel. Find the 12 QR codes that will give you the "words of the seed" sentence. The launch of the hunt will take place on January 28 at 5pm. 1- Seedsentence: 12 security words allowing access to the assets in a crypto wallet. 2- The QR codes can be hidden on the instagram and twitter accounts of the gallery. But also on its website and on the marketplace CharlotNFT. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/galeriecharlot/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/hasson_valerie Website: https://www.galeriecharlot.com/ Marketplace CharlotNFT: https://charlotnft.premiere.gallery 3- When you find one of these QR codes, flash it, it will give you a word. 4- Put in order the 12 words to open the Temple wallet. 5- To even the odds, we share with you the order of the first letters of each word in the seed sentence: T S K M E G C H T S G S 6- The first person to open the wallet will be able to retrieve the NFT by transferring it to their personal wallet. Congratulations, you have just won a unique by Kika Nicolela and Thomas Israel.