Pointillism: Provence @Fondation Vasarely


For the second edition of the Biennale des Imaginaires Numériques, the artist Quayola won the 3rd International Prize of the Vasarely Foundation – Chronicles. . Created this year, the work Pointilisme: Provence, will take as its starting point the surrounding landscapes of Sainte-Victoire that the artist scanned in autumn and spring. . Pointillism: Provence is a new work that continues Quayola's exploration of high-precision laser scanning systems and their inherited imperfections. By drawing a parallel between historical pictorial traditions and computational aesthetics, this project speculates on new landscape paintings created by machines. While reproducing conditions similar to those of late 19th century plein-air painters, natural landscapes are actually observed and analysed through sophisticated technological devices and repurposed for new modes of visual synthesis.


  • + Quayola (represented by Galerie Charlot)

Pointillism: Provence