Zaven Paré @ SPACES Gallery; Schloss Untergröningen, Germany


An exhibition like a frenzied journey through space and time: SPACES explores real and virtual space, its artistic and technical possibilities and limits. This results in an interplay of analog and digital art, pictures, sculptures, real and digital installations, augmented reality, and science fictions. And of course there are rooms: light rooms, dark rooms, multi-dimensional rooms and rooms that don't really exist. And art made by robots. For SPACES, the rooms in Untergröningen Castle have completely changed: Each room always offers new views and insights, confused, ecstatic, amazed. Curator Heidi Hahn is once again relying on not simply conceiving an exhibition based on a theme, but rather creating a complete work on 1,100 m² with around 40 artists and artist groups from 14 countries , which the visitor "experiences" like a theater piece that has come to life. , in which art and technology, virtuality and reality mix: here the oil painting, there the UFO. Spaces that seem to be there but aren't. Here man-made, there the robot as an artist. With this, SPACES poses the double question: Where are the boundaries of a room? And where is that of art in the 21st century? Accordingly, SPACES deals with space as a limited, human-made area, as a natural space up to space, through the thought space to the dream space, from this world to the next, through optical illusions and light spaces finally to the virtual space, the Cyberspace, from analog to digital. No question about it, all of this offers enough space for great art, great artists, surprising moments, impressive installations: Whether Jeongmoon Choi's "Walk-in Drawing", "Dreamland" by the Japanese Mirai Mizue, Tim Berresheim's large-format works that reveal new aspects via augmented reality , Sebastian Schrader's "Hüllen", Enrik Hüpeden's "Line Game", Stefan Bircheneder's "Fake" rooms, Margaret Marquardt's light room or the (T) room. Just above "Deep in Space" by Susanne Kircher-Liner and just next to the "Bathroom" by Tine Pockels, Anne Pincus is offering "Swimming with Medusa". And upstairs on the second floor, a robot is constantly drawing pictures of the surface of Mars. You won't find it if you take the "elevator" takes. It is better to take the path towards Simone Fezers "Verhausungen". These in turn are located close to Marc Rygrok's "UFO". Then you are already in the middle of space: Spock, R2-D2 and K-3PO as well as Patricia Waller's "Space Couple" send their regards. And that also explains why outside in the courtyard, right next to Stefan Rohrer's "Goggomobil", there are parking lot signs that are clearly for visitors from other "world spaces". "SPACES" artists Jens Andres Tim Berresheim Stefan Bircheneder Karin Brosa Jeongmoon Choi Isaac Cordal Simone Fezer Heidi Hahn Paul Van Hoeydonck Enrik Hüpeden Kanta Kimura Manfred Kielnhofer Susanne Kircher-Liner Gregor Kuschmirz Lena von Lapschina Malota Renata Mauriello Margaret Marquardt Mirai Mizue Florian Model Zaven Paré Ralf Peters Anne Pincus Tine Pockels Andreas Pößnecker Lars Reiffers Robotlab Stefan Rohrer Marc Ruygrok Manuel Saiz Florian Schlumpf Thomas Schöne Sebastian Schrader Frank Schwab Marc Taschowsky Gan-Erdene Tsend Rob Voerman Patricia Waller Carsten Wirtz + Soma Stahorszki ( R2 Builders Club) Alberto Zamora Ruiz


Cubist doll

by Zaven Paré

Wood and metal
50 cm high