"Les sens du mouvement" - Antoine Schmitt at l'espace Jean de Joigny, France


"Les sens du mouvement", solo show Espace Jean de Joigny, Joigny, France From February 3 until April 8, 2018 With the collaboration of Galerie Charlot, Paris Visual artist and programmer Antoine Schmitt explores the computer program as an artistic material to create works in motion. In the same way as painting, the code becomes a real palette of materials, colors and movements to be deposited on a screen to produce images. His artistic approach is to produce moving images in a minimal and abstract aesthetic using pixels, cubes and particles that roam the screen. All these visual entities have their own behavior. Sometimes they accelerate or slow down, sometimes they leave a trace or go out of our field of vision. These are truly "living" creations that lead the public to question their nature and dynamics. However, according to the rules of equations he chooses, created images retain a form of autonomy and unpredictability.